Cura di Vetralla

Cura di Vetralla is a small town which began its history as Contrada dei Casali.

Between the end of 1500 and beginning of 1600 the ancient noble family of Vetralla and Rome started to build villas, precisely the so-called Casali (townhouses). The Casali were built in the center of their vast agricultural lands which consisted of meadows and forests especially suited for breeding sheep.

A town was born surrounding these villas in which the farmers who worked for the Signori built their homes.

Over the centuries the small town along the Via Cassia, has developed into a town of about 10,000 inhabitants, a quiet town but full of life with shops, activities and events of both ancient and modern origin.

Rome is about 60 km from Cura di Vetralla and can be easily reached by bus or train.

Viterbo, the Ancient city of the Popes is the provincial capital, is about 15 km from Cura di Vetralla, and easily reached by bus or train in about 30 minutes. By bus you can also reach the city of Tarquinia, an important Etruscan city still famous for its Etruscan Necropolis. Tarquinia contains the most important and most remarkably preserved examples of frescoed tombs throughout Italy and is also famous for its museum with Etruscan and Roman remains.