Preparation Courses for Admission to Italian Universities

These courses have been primarily designed for students who wish to attend a University in Italy.
All of our exam preparation courses are carefully structured and specifically designed to help you best prepare for your exams and achieve great results.
You will learn effective exam strategies, improve your language skills, learn how the exams work, gain confidence with regular tests, develop your writing skills, vocabulary and grammar, as well as learn academic Italian needed for university.
We offer the following 3 different types of preparation programs to meet your individual requirements:


Specifically designed for Chinese students who wish to receive an official Italian Language Certification which is mandatory for those enrolling in an Italian University through the Marco Polo project.

The IMAT [International medical admission test - the official Entry test developed by Italian Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MIUR) ] University Preparation Course is specifically designed to support foreign medical students.
We offer the right tools and strategies to boost your possibility to pass the IMAT. This course of study is of the highest levels and will guide you in a comprehensive, engaging and focused matter.

Our Tailored Preparation Course for Admission to Italian University is designed to help students of just about any faculty prepare for the mandatory Italian University entrance exams.
We will help you develop skills and strategies needed for you to get the best possible grade in your chosen entrance exam.
The course is tailored to your specific needs depending on the faculty you wish to apply for and may be taken individually (one-on-one) or in groups of 2 or more (only if same faculty).