Italian Language Immersion & Leadership in Italy

Siena is the ideal city for you to learn Italian in Italy and have an experience of a life time in a supportive and closely-supervised setting. In this two-week or four-week Italian Language Immersion program you will have an on-site director, a SPI Study Abroad director and all the DA Siena staff and instructors always available to help and support you.

At DA Siena we have been collaborating with SPI Study Abroad for many years to offer a unique and ideal program for high school students. Join us for a fantastic summer in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy during the most spectacular period of the year – the Palio!!

This Italian Language Immersion program for high school students in Siena can be life-changing. You will broaden your world view while exploring a unique city that will feel like “home” from the day you arrive. This experience abroad will make you a stronger college applicant as well as more independent, strong and confident.

To learn more about the program please click here. We sure wouldn’t want you to miss out on all this awesomeness!

italian language immersion for high school