Italian language programs in Cura di Vetralla - Viterbo

Live & learn at your teacher home

This full-immersion program offers a wonderful opportunity to study Italian language in Italy and improve your knowledge of the Italian language in the comfort of a welcoming Italian home. Choosing a home tuition course is probably the best way to improve your Italian quickly, effectively and enjoyably. Not only will you make noticeable progress in your language skills, but you'll actively experience day to day real Italian family life. The courses are designed specifically for you according to your needs, age, level of Italian and personal interests. You will find yourself totally immersed in a typical Italian-speaking environment.

You will have a small private apartment with a private bathroom and kitchenette. We welcome single travelers and couples. In order to give participants the highest quality and best experience we only host one person or couple at a time. Given the high request and availability limited to one room, we recommend early booking to avoid disappointment.

Type of course Code hours of lesson / week
+ specialised seminars
Individual fees/week mini-group fees/week
General Italian VG1 - Standard 15 1.200.00 € 950.00 € / person
VG2 - Intensive 15 + 8 1.400.00 € 1.050.00 € / person
Fees include: tuition, accommodation, meals as specified, recreational activities, text book, didactic material
Registration fee: € 70,00 will be added to the total fees. It covers full placement testing and didactic material.

General Italian - Standard
Every day from Monday to Friday
- 3 hours of language, grammar and culture in the morning.
- All afternoons will be free, without planned activities.

General Italian - Intensive
Every day from Monday to Friday
- 15 hours per week (3 hours of language, grammar and culture 9:30am – 12:30pm).
- One afternoon per week students will be accompanied by the teacher on a cultural visit.
- Every Wednesday afternoon will be free, without planned activities.
- During the other afternoons on Tuesday / Wednesday and Friday, the students can choose between one of the following 2-3 hour workshops, organized to suit various levels of competence in Italian. These workshops must be chosen when booking the course and followed for the entire week, with the possibility of changing workshops at the end of each week.
- Reading workshop – 2 hours – elementary, intermediate and advanced level
- Writing workshop – 2 hours - intermediate and advanced level
- Literature workshop – 2 hours - elementary, intermediate and advanced level
- Workshop on the fine points of grammar – 2 hours - elementary, intermediate and advanced level
- Cinema workshop – 2 hours - advanced level
- Italian culture and geography workshop – 2 hours - elementary, intermediate and advanced level
- Italian history workshop – 2 hours - advanced level
- Italian opera workshop – 2 hours - advanced level
- Workshop on authentic Italian popular music, (listening, reading and comprehension) – 2 hours - intermediate and advanced level
- Art History workshop – 2 hours - intermediate and advanced level
- Language of economics workshop – 2 hours - advanced level

Other afternoon activites
Monday afternoon, accompanied by the teacher - we get acquainted with the town:
- We get acquainted with the town:
- Visit the medieval village of Vetralla
- Welcome drink in the Chiesa di Cura square.
- Thursday afternoon - Short cooking class with the preparation of a dessert to be enjoyed together at tea time.

During your free time you may want to consider:
- Visits to places of historical and cultural interest around Viterbo and the surrounding countryside, accompanied by a professional tour guide (€ 60-80 for an afternoon tour).
- Wellness center with indoor spa and thermal baths (Terme dei Papi di Viterbo) click here for more info
- The teacher is always available to help students who wish to organize a weekend in Rome or in another cities of interest.
- Riding lesson at the Equestrian Center "Le Valli" both for experts and beginners. Advanced reservation is required and price to be determined.
- Bike rides in the woods of Monte Fogliano and the Folgore close to the town.

Combination of Taste and Culture At the restaurant "Da Michele" renowned both by Michelin and TripAdvisor, ex trattoria Sor Francesco, small restaurant in the center of town, famous for its cuisine with a traditional and innovative menu and offers tastings of local and national wines of excellence. Advanced reservation is required and price to be determined.

Housing choices:
- lessons + 3 meals with the family
- lessons + lunch with the family
- lessons - no meals with the family (the family will take you grocery shopping)

The apartment will be cleaned three times a week by someone we trust, but only in agreement with our guests. The bedding will be changed once a week and towels will be replaced as needed.

Your private apartment on the ground floor:
- Large bedroom with queen size bed
- Large bathroom
- TV
- Internet connection
- living room
- central heating
- kitchenette
- private parking
- access to two mountain bikes

Author Mark Leslie was so taken by his experience that after he enrolled in this full-immersion cooking and language program, (cooking is no longer offered) he wrote the book "Beyond the Pasta – Recipes, Language & Life with an Italian Family".

Beyond the Pasta

If you want to study Italian language in Italy and want to know more about this program then what better way to explain what a typical day will be like than to take the writing from the inside cover of the book: "His teachers were beyond his wildest dreams - he learned to cook from the grandmother, or Nonna, of the family, who prepared every meal in a bustling, busy household, as women in her family had done for generations. Her daughter, Alessandra, taught him the language with patience and precision. Besides culinary secrets and prepositions, they opened their lives to him, and made him a real part of their extensive family".
After his first experience with us, Mark Leslie has become a regular in our courses every year.

The home
We recently bought our house which is surrounded by a garden of about 750sqm. Following many internal renovations, the house finally looks just the way we wanted it to.

We restored our home back to the welcoming and lively image that it had lost after years of neglect. The garden still needs some work which we all enjoy doing during our free time. We live in an area renowned for its tranquility and peace called Garden.

Not far from the town center easily accessible on foot or by bicycle. The area is characterized by villas with gardens and meadows.

Right in front of our house one can admire wide green fields surrounded by old and young oaks that houses a herd of sheep and sheep dogs in the morning and at sunset. Behind the house and not far away we can see Mount Fogliano with its magnificent ancient forest. Here, it is possible to enjoy nature and go on hikes, mountain bikeing or horseback riding on the trails to reach the Eremo di S. Angelo or the rock-cut cave where ST. Girolamo lived as a hermit.

Our house is divided into three independent houses. My daughter Francesca lives on the ground floor with her husband Gabriel and the little Beatrice. There is an external staircase that reaches the upper floor where my mother and I live.

Next to my daughter's apartment on the ground floor, but with a separate entrance, there is a small apartment used for friends, students and guests.

Your private apartment has a small living room with kitchenette, bedroom with queen size bed, and a private bathroom with shower. The apartment is bright and furnished with antique furniture that belonged to my paternal grandmother and is also equipped with central heating.

Italian teacher of the school

Your teacher

Alessandra: Born in 1953 and graduated in English Literature in Rome in 1977. She taught in public schools for a number of years, and worked as translator on a number of projects at the Università degli Studi della Tuscia. She specialized in teaching Italian to Foreigners, and for over ten years has been conducting the Home Stay Courses at Viterbo as part of the language and culture program of Dante Alighieri at Siena.

The family
Angiola: graduated in Italian Literature in Milan, and has always been devoted to her family. She is "La nonna" of all students who come to do the Cura di Vetralla Home Stay Course. She prepares and cooks some of the meals for the family and guests.
Marianna & Francesca: they are Alessandra's grown-up daughters. Marianna graduated from university some years ago, and now just a couple of km away. Francesca lives with her famly on the first floor. She enjoys spendingtime with her family, her friends and has a great passion for riding horses.
The dogs: We have a small Pomeranian dog and 5 large dogs that are an important part of the family. The big dogs, though quite friendly, are not allowed to go in the guests living areas. They stay in a spacious enclosure as to not interfere with the family's daily activities.