Italian language programs in Ischia

At Dante Alighieri Siena we have created a faculty-led program in the mesmerizing island of Ischia. This program is ideal for those who wish to learn Italian in a relaxed environment while vacationing in the Island of Ischia and studying Italian in Italy. This island is famous for its beaches and the spas with healing waters.

BLU Week includes:
- 6 day accommodation
- 15 Italian language private lessons (3 hours per day from Monday to Friday including 1 Orientation tour of Forio and 1 hour of Italian culture)
- 1 wine-tasting
- 1 cooking class

Course code Hostel Residence Hotel *** No housing* Extra 1 hr lessons
BLU Week 980.00 € 1.100.00 € 1.150.00 € 700.00 € 35.00 €

*please note that if you choose to stay at a hotel of your choice that is not in the Forio of Ischia, an additional cost may apply for transfer costs for the instructor to reach you at your hotel.

General info
Certificate of attendance: At the end of the course students receive an official certificate of attendance.
Text books: not included.
Transfer to/from hotel/residence/hostel: € 25,00 (one way).
Registration fee: € 70,00 will be added to the total fees to cover full placement testing and accommodation arranged by the school.

Paese di Ischia in Italy.

Immersed in the natural beauty of the Island, between history and myth, spas and ancient gastronomy, our BluIschia program has been offering for several years an interesting alternative to those wishing to study in one of the most beautiful island in the south of Italy in a familiar atmosphere. Studying Italian in Italy in the Island of Ischia will be the experience of a lifetime! BluIschia proposes three types of accommodation: the Poggio del Sole hotel, located in the countryside, about ten minutes from the ancient port of Forio of Ischia, the residence La Rotonda sul mare, which was practically built on the beach, and finally the Ring Hostel, a typical youth hostel with more of an international atmosphere right in the historic city center. All three accommodations are managed by the brothers Colella - Joseph, Lorenzo and Amerigo. Three nice guys from southern Italy who are ready to welcome you in their large family. The Program Coordinator is Dr. Eduardo Cocciardo, who besides being a teacher of Italian language and culture, is also a writer and actor. Lessons will be held directly with Eduardo in the gardens and on the panoramic terraces of the accommodations, always being immersed in the nature surroundings and history of the place. Eduardo will also accompany you on fascinating historical and cultural tours, telling you about the secrets of the place, its long history and its amazing legends. All this, always in that familiar and relaxed atmosphere that characterizes our format, and that certainly is the basis of the program's great success.

Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator Eduardo Cocciardo.

Eduardo Cocciardo was born on the island of Ischia (off the coast of Naples) on 17.10.1975. In 1999 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Drama from the University of Siena, obtaining the maximum grade possible, equivalent to a First Class Honours. His dissertation was a critical analysis of the stage career and films of Massimo Troisi. Eduardo has been a lover of the theater since he was a child; when he was thirteen he won a poetry competition reciting “’A livella di Totò”. Before moving to Tuscany to attend the university he took part in the staging of various plays in dialect. From '95 to '98 he worked for the theater company RIDI PAGLIACCIO based in Grosseto. During this period he also began intensive research on the “Commedia dell’Arte”. In '99 he participated in a workshop on narrative theater and dramatic literature under the tutorship of Laura Curino. In the same year he was the lead actor in “La Paura del Sonno” (“The Fear of Sleep”), a play adapted from selected novels by Pirandello and staged by the University of Siena Theatre Company. In September ’99 he took part in the Comedians' Oscars, a cabaret-style competition organized by “Studio Uno” of Rome, reaching the finals. From September 2000 to the present day he has been collaborating with the Siena Committee of the Dante Alighieri Society as a teacher of Italian language and culture to adult foreigners. He has organized with the students various theater workshops and plays of differing lengths and on various topics. From March to April 2001 he took part in a workshop on the comic qualities of the tragic and the tragic qualities of the comic held by Lello Arena at the “Scuola Professione Cinema” in Rome. For the last five years he has been working mainly alone, on the idea of a kind of theater-cabaret that reinvents the traditions of classical drama, disarming it of its high pretensions that distance it from the audience. In fact he is passionate about peripheral stories, those magical yet everyday stories of people who run breathlessly after their own ideals. On this subject he has written Io come io, Una settimana di ordinaria comicità, Quando credo alle cicogne and Canto di un viaggiAttore solitario, Un circo chiamato casa. He has written and produced a show on Totò called “Un altro Totò” a brave and experimental interaction between poetry, music and dance.

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