Il Grande Studio & Italian In-Depth

Thanks to Marco Polo project, Chinese students who wish to enroll in a university in Italy can obtain an entry visa without knowing the Italian language.

Before starting the university course of interest, it is mandatory for students to enroll and attend in an Italian language course such as – Il Grande Studio which lasts ten months and provides students with official Italian Language certification.

In the Il Grande Studio course you will take Intensive Italian Language classes and you will receive the support you need throughout the entire period of your studies.

We aim to develop your Italian language skills to the utmost as well as help you feel integrated.

We offer you outstanding teaching which raises your Italian to the highest possible level, and internationally accepted official Italian language certification as proof of your success.

The University of Siena in co-operation with 'Dante Alighieri' Siena has gone a step further to facilitate your integration not only in the Italian University system but also in the Italian culture by creating this specialized program for Chinese students.

Students enrolled in this course receive assistance with procedures to obtain the Italian student entry VISA, with enrollment procedures at the University of Siena, with legal procedures related to the documentation required for residence permits, with study-grant applications, getting oriented in Italy and acquiring the Italian language and also attend a series of orientation meetings / tours upon arrival in the city of Siena.

This mandatory course may be taken by students wishing to enroll in any university in Italy.

The University of Siena dates back to 1240 C.E. and is one of the oldest universities in Italy as well as one of the most prestigious. The University of Siena has a strong knowledge-related tradition and commitment to both research and innovation. Siena boasts the best university in Italy for structure, services, study-grants, and internationalization.

University of Siena offers a wide range of degree and post-degree courses in 15 departments related to the area of: Economics, Law and Political Sciences, Experimental Sciences, Biomedical and Medical Sciences, Literature, History, Philosophy and Arts, Engineering and Maths.



The program lasts 10 months and students must have an initial level of knowledge of the Italian language of A1.
The program is as follows:

BASIC COURSE - MANDATORY - 10 months - 20 hours per week
This step is compulsory for all students enrolled in the program MARCO POLO UNISI
Course location: SDA Siena - Via T. Pendola, 37
This phase is also mandatory for students who are pre-enrolled in university courses in English.

COST: Euro 4.600,00 + Euro 110,00 registration fee

CERTIFICATION - MANDATORY - certification of Italian language (see PLIDA paragraph) or
English language (to be established according to the indications of the University) - during period to be determined according to the needs of the University calendar and the dates set by the Certification bodies

SPECIALIZATION COURSE - OPTIONAL - 24 weeks of Italian or English language classes for a total of 96 hours

COST - Euro 580,00

2017 - 2018 Program starting dates
November 2 to 6 2017 (welcome with practical and logistical orientation meetings)
November 7 2017 – Italian language program starts
August 25 2018 – Italian language program ends

Nov. 7 – Nov. 30
Dec. 1 – Dec. 16
Jan. 9 – Jan. 27
Feb. 1 – Feb. 28
Mar. 1 – March 31
Apr. 3 – Apr. 21
May 2 – May 31
Jun. 5 – Jun. 30
Jul. 3 – Jul. 28
Aug. 1 – Aug. 25

The DA Siena application fees are Euro 110.00 and include:

- assistance with procedures to obtain the Italian student entry VISA;
- assistance to enroll at the University of Siena;
- assistance with legal procedures related to the documentation required for residence permits;
- assistance with study-grant applications;
- assistance for the orientation and the acquisition of the Italian language;
- orientation of the city of Siena;
- textbooks throughout the course;
- use of Internet;
- administrative procedures for registration for the PLIDA level B1

Housing and study grants:
Students will be placed in students' residences;
Students will be considered right from the start University students and will receive a student ID card which will allow them to take advantage of all the services relating thereto;
Students may apply for study-grants that exonerate them from paying course fees, accommodation, meals at university cafeteria, and receive a monetary contribution for living expenses;