4-day to 3-week Cooking Courses

These hands-on Italian cooking courses are aimed exclusively at food passionates that are interested in discovering the secrets of Italian cuisine. Participants will encounter a mix of seasonal and traditional Italian recipes: fresh vegetables and meat dishes in Spring, delectable fish entrées in the Summer, exquisite truffle and mushroom dishes in the Fall ans rich cakes and tars in the Winter.

There are Italian cooking courses available for just about every palate! We've got Spring Cuisine with colorful and flavorful ingredients where you will create picturesque dishes to entice all your senses, Bread & Desserts where you will learn all the tricks to making the most delicious Italian breads and desserts, Mediterranean Cuisine – for those who want to learn hands-on with authentic ingredients about the true Mediterranean diet which was recognized by UNESCO as an an Intangible Cultural Heritage, the Summer Palate for light and fresh recipes, A Journey throughout Italy to learn how to make the most traditional dishes from all the main regions of Italy, and to close up the year in joy, the Christmas Festivities where you will learn to make succulent Italian traditional Christmas meals.

These Italian cooking courses last from 4 days to a full 3 weeks are intended for those who have advanced interest but not necessarily advanced skills in cooking. Lessons are normally held in Italian and English but can be held upon request in German, French, Japanese and Chinese at no additional cost.

Emphasis in our Italian cooking courses is made, not only on the preparation of a wide variety of dishes, but also on the study and use of essential ingredients such as wine, spices and olive oil.

Theme Dates Weeks Sessions Price in Euro
Bread & desserts May 13th, 2019 1 5 450,00
A journey through Italy Sep 16th, 2019 3 12 1.100,00
Christmas festivities Nov 25th, 2019 1 5 450,00