DA as a Service Provider

At DA Siena you can receive a series of services to support your Italian language abroad program. You can rent our classrooms, we can make reservations for you, act as your “bank” in Italy and we even have a program director for you.

Renting Classrooms

DA Siena will rent you classrooms that can fit from 1 to 60 students. Classrooms my be rented for lessons run by your own academic staff for any type of course. All the classrooms are fully equipped.


DA Siena can provide quotations and make reservations and payments for just about anything you want to include in your Italian language abroad program. Forget about of the hassle of making reservation and payments! You think of the ideal program you wish to create and we will make your dreams come true.

Some of the reservations we can make include:

- accommodation (family homestay, apartments & residence) for students and academic staff
- private and public transportation
- hostels and hotels in various Italian cities
- excursions to different locations in Siena, Tuscany, and Italy
- guided tours
- entrance tickets to museums and institutions in Italy

Financial Services

DA Siena can informally take the function of a "bank" in Italy. We have found it particularly practical for Institutions to be able to pre-pay expenses to the school. DA Siena uses the funds to pay for expenses such as bus rentals, bus passes, group dinners, tickets to museums, cultural events, activities, etc. If plans change, the funds will be used for the new event or simply reimbursed to your account. Your faculty may also receive cash advances. Rest assured that our staff will meet with your faculty on an regular basis to discuss the budget and balance in the account.

Program Director

If your institution does not want or is not able to send a director abroad don't worry! Our highly-specialized director that has over 20 years of experience will run your program according to your wishes and standards. The DA Siena Director will provide leadership and oversight of the academic programs. This position is responsible for a wide range of academic, budgetary, administration, and student support services.