Culinary Intership

These programs are designed for those who wish to be actively immersed in the world of Italian cooking at a professional level. Participants will be living in the world of real Italian cuisine and its environment.

They will learn to speak and understand the language, have the opportunity to network with their peers as well as obtain personal enhancement in their field.  Depending on the participants' interests, there's a wide range of internship arrangements, from restaurants in 5star hotels to local restaurants to trattoria.

Cooking training (CT)

Code Start level of Italian language hours of italian language session of italian cuisine course weeks Intership duration fees in Euro
CT absolute beginner - B1 300 20 20 4-24 weeks 5.000,00 Euro

Program Description  

- Learning Italian language and culture:  You will be learning to speak Italian and Italian culture in group lessons aimed to make you feel comfortable and secure with the language in a professional cooking environment. The school will evaluate your level of knowledge through an on-line test that you send along with your enrollment application. You will be informed of the results of your test before your departure and at your arrival you will have an oral exam which will guide us as to the number of required Italian lessons you need.

- Professional hands-on cooking courses: You will take professional hands-on cooking courses towards an internship in a restaurant, hotel or trattoria. The cooking courses are given along with or after the language lessons – depending on your proficiency in Italian.
-Culinary Internship: from 4 to 24 week. During the internship you will be training in Siena or the surrounding area at the most appropriate culinary institution for your personal skills. This is where you will learn all the tricks of the trade. Students participating in internships do not receive monetary compensation but room and board are provided for a certain amount of weeks depending on the course length.

Fees include:
* Language course + culinary sessions
* Internship placement fee
* Insurance and coverage for damage to third parties
* Food and board is provided for part of the program

Fees do not include:
* Administration fees
* Accommodation fees
* Accommodation for part of the program