Dante Alighieri Siena is a multinational learning center for Italian Language, Culture and Gastronomy which offers specialized courses for learners of all nationalities, lifelong learners, students for US college credit, international university students and culinary passionists and professionals. DA's commitment to academic excellence and high-quality classroom learning and instruction will surely surpass all your expectations!

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Who We Are...

Dante Alighieri Siena is recognized as a leading Italian language school worldwide.
Located in a recently restructured historical building within the medieval walls of Siena, DA Siena puts at your disposal its 25 well-lit classrooms, panoramic terraces, leisure reading room, recreation room and piano, a well-stocked library, WiFi connection, a full professionally equipped kitchen and frescoed dining room, accommodation services, and exciting afternoon and weekend social and co-curricualar activities.

You're only a click away from starting your Italian adventure with Dante Alighieri in Siena, the most beautiful town in Tuscany!

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Dante Alighieri Siena Mission, Vision and Purpose Statement

At Dante Alighieri Siena we are shaped by the core values that set out the way in which we will carry out our Mission and deliver our Vision: academic and logistical excellence, safety, respect, professionalism.


Flash Mob - Univeristy of Utah-DA Siena Program

Come cook with us! - ERAU-DA Siena Program

Accreditations & Partners

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  • Member of EA
  • Logo ufficiale ministero istruzione italiano
  • Menmber of Tuscany Region
  • Certificazione Plida
  • Certificazione tuv iso 9001

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La cultura è un ornamento nella buona sorte, ma un rifugio nell'avversa

Aristotele, Philosopher.